Tony Blazonczyk's
New Phaze

  A Musical Experience

Band Bios

Tony Blazonczyk


Leader, Vocals, Bass & Drums

Tony Blazonczyk son of polka hero Eddie Blazonczyk has grown up in the polka industry from day one. Idolizing the living my father made for himself pushed me more to learn this great music. I started my first band the South Side Sounds in 1987, recording one cassette with that band in 1992 that was the start of many great things especially having my dad surprise me by singing harmony to me on that recording. Ever since then I had the chance to sing on two other recordings always asking my dad to join me with singing back-up vocals to mine. Through my years in the polka field I've had great opportunity to play and record with some on the great bands like my father Eddie Blazonczyk and the Versatones, Rusty Fingers, Freeze Dried, Stephanie and her Honky Band, Gerry Tarka and the Midwest Sounds, Music Company, EZ-Tones, and also being apart of the Polish Carolers. Polka music runs in my blood and I love playing this great music, I'm looking forward to many years to come with this band New Phaze and the great friends I get to stand next to on stage every time we play.


Tyler Zawatski


Accordion & Vocals

  I began playing accordion in the fifth grade, after years of piano lessons from some Catholic nuns in my grade school. I grew up in a heavy Polish and Ukrainian household, so I've been listening, dancing, and playing polkas and folk music since I was a child. I began playing accordion with a Ukrainian folk group in Pennsylvania, where I was also a folk dancer for many years. Alongside this, I began my polka music career with The Golden Tones polka band from McAdoo, Pennsylvania, playing anything from classic honky tunes to Chicago push style polkas. I grew up admiring the polka greats, such as Dave Walter, Al Piatkowski, Eddie Siwiec, Wally Dombrowski,  Lenny Gomulka, Hank Guzevich, and Eddie Blazonczyk. Having recently moved to Chicago, I've had the opportunity to play alongside many talented musicians in this industry. I'm looking forward to many years of good laughs and great friends with New Phaze!

Ray "Melvin" Rzeszutko

Drums, Vocals

Ray “Melvin” Rzeszutko is known primarily from his 32 year association with the Downtown Sound where he was the drummer and vocalist performing at thousands of polka events, weddings and contemporary venues over this time. He recorded three albums with the Downtown Sound (We’re Pulling Together, All The Right Moves & All Wound Up) and developed a pleasing vocal blend with Dan Mateja and Fred Edelmaier on both Polish & American vocals.  They were one of the most sought after “variety bands” in Chicago for many years. 

He has also had the privilege to perform with many Chicagoland polka and rock n’ roll bands over his career as a fill-in and substitute musician when needed.   Other memorable moments include recording with Matt Lewandowski &The Alliance (The Spirit Carries On), I.P.A. Tribute Band (Yesterday’s Songs), The Music Company (United For Freedom) and Eddie Blazonczyk Jr.’s Versatones (My Father’s Shoes). 

Planning on retiring at the end of 2013, Melvin was asked to join his friend Tony Blazonczyk & New Phaze in a time of need.  Although preferring to concentrate mainly on his family commitments, he has enjoyed performing as a member of New Phaze at as many performances that time will permit.  He was honored to record on the latest New Phaze recording (Breakdowns, The Phaze That Never Ends). 


Dan "Vudu" Leudanski


Danny "vudu" Leudanski       
I grew up in Chicago on the southwest side. I first started playing polkas in 1979 with Jerry Tarka's Midwest Sounds. In 1982 I joined with the Downtown Sound from it's beginning to end (32 yrs). Both Bands were known for Polka as well as American style music. Through the years playing with these two bands as well as jobbing with other groups I was very blessed to have played along side some very talented musicians and made friends with lots of great people. After a year off, I look forward to this new opportunity with Tony B. and The New Phaze.